State by State Breakdown of WHO will LOSE Health Coverage When Obamacare is Repealed by Republicans. -
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State by State Breakdown of WHO will LOSE Health Coverage When Obamacare is Repealed by Republicans.

ACA provides reasonable premiums for people who couldn’t afford health insurance before. Now with on scribble on a piece of paper that will all be taken away.

The numbers have been crunched, and they clearly show how many people would lose their healthcare insurance if Republicans and president Donald Trump are successful with their intentions to repeal Obamacare.  The results of are overwhelming!

The blogger stated in a report:

“the GOP is still incredibly vague about what exactly they’d replace the ACA with. No matter what they claim, it’s only the “repeal” part which they’ve been clear about so far. All indications are that they plan on pushing the “repeal” part through almost immediately upon Trump taking office. Therefore, I focused specifically on what would happen if the ACA were repealed, in full, in early 2017 with immediate effect (as opposed to this weaselly 2-3 year delay business they’ve been bandying about which could potentially be even worse for the healthcare market as a whole in some ways).”

The analysis determined who would lose coverage and is based on the following info:

  • ~12.3 million (was 11.3M; see update): People enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP specifically thanks to the ACA’s expansion provision in 32 states + DC
  • ~9.0 million: People enrolled in ACA exchange (Individual Market) policies who are receiving heavy federal subsidies via the ACA exchanges*
  • ~1.4 million: Young adults 19-25 years old enrolled in their parents’ plans (via group or non-group markets) specifically thanks to the ACA provision
  • ~470,000: People enrolled in ACA-funded Basic Health Plans in Minnesota & New York

So, with that, here’s an estimate of just how many Americans, and from what state, will go without coverage in following repeal of ACA:

Republicans are going to do great and irreversable damage to our healthcare system, with the only apparent reason being…just to show that they can.

Of course, these people taking health insurance away from American people have excellent health insurance that they are not going to lose.  If Americans are to lose their health coverage so should Congress. Congress members do not pay a penny for their health coverage and also coverage for their families. Americans on Obamacare are paying premiums for their health insurance.

How is this making America great again?

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