Melania has HAD ENOUGH of the Donald!!…Divorce Coming? [PHOTOS] -
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Melania has HAD ENOUGH of the Donald!!…Divorce Coming? [PHOTOS]

Trump is not a stranger to showing extreme disrespect to his wife Melania.  Soon after he admonished her during the inauguration ceremony in January, the twitter hashtag “FreeMelania” soon went viral.

But that was only the start of it…even more photos of ‘The Donald’ defaming Melania continually keep popping up.  One must naturally wonder then how he treats her when no one is watching.

In case you forgot:

The picture above was likely the most despicable Trump move yet!  He left her far behind disembarking a plane, and without even thinking twice.  He must’ve known that photographers were awaiting his arrival.  These photos are evidence supreme that Trump is a brazen misogynist.

Trump most surely has no care whatsoever for the example to other men that he is providing.  A 70 year old man should know that is not the way to regard a woman or any person for that matter.

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