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Trump Silent As Sick Coal Miners Cry For Health Care

Coal miners are regretting that they ever supported Trump. There are only weeks left for Congress to step in and ensure that retired miners who desperately need health benefits will continue to have the necessary means to care for their health problems without losing everything they worked so hard for all their lives.

But Trump, McConnell, and Ryan have eyes to pull the rug right out from under these retired miners and their families. Many have serious health problems, like black lung, from working for the coal mining companies. Without the help of programs like Obama’s Affordable Care Act, these families will not be able to afford the care and medications they need to stay alive.

From The New York Times:

Unless Congress intervenes by late April, government-funded health benefits will abruptly lapse for more than 20,000 retired miners, concentrated in Trump states that include Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Many of the miners have serious health problems arising from their years in the mines.

In mining areas like Uniontown, Pa., and surrounding Fayette and Greene Counties, which Mr. Trump carried 2 to 1, it is an upsetting and potentially costly prospect. “It’s just a terrible, terrible feeling,” said one of the retirees, David VanSickle, who spent four decades at work in the mines. “I think about that 25 times a day.”

Trump ran on the promise that he would be for miners. But he is definitely showing his true colors and siding with the corporations to the detriment of the miners. After all, Trump is all about big business.

The president has offered no public comment on the issue, even as he has rolled back regulations on mine operators, an omission that has not escaped the notice of Mr. VanSickle and other retired miners.

“To me, that was kind of a promise he did make to us,” Mr. VanSickle said about Mr. Trump, whom he supported last fall. “He promised to help miners, not just mining companies.”

Maybe Trump should come out of his golden castle to see how real people live in this country. It would do him good to ponder on what it means to work for a company all your life, barely scrape by with modest amenities, suffer health problems as a result of your job so the corporation you work for makes millions–or billions, and have the rug pulled out from under you in the end. It’s tragic.

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