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Host Keith Olbermann RANTS, “There Is Trailer Park Trash In The White House”!

Keith Olbermann just massively slammed Donald Trump for playing host the “trailer park trash trio” of Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent at the White House.

Olbermann made the remark in a post on Twitter.  Olberman, who now hosts a political web series for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, is most famous for his jobs at ESPN and MSNBC.

The trio of Palin, Kid Rock and Nugent were shown with Trump late Wednesday afternoon  in the Oval Office.

The ‘conservative’ trio mockingly posed before a portrait of Hillary Clinton while at the White House.

The Twitter universe seemed to agree with Olberman…here’s just a couple….

Just that our ‘illegally’ elected person in the WH allowed this speaks to his level of class…. none.

Where is the investigation? Where are the charges? He commits treason every day. Why Is he not arrested?

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