SIZE MATTERS!...and Apparently Trump Comes Up Way SHORT! -
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SIZE MATTERS!…and Apparently Trump Comes Up Way SHORT!

Trump has had routine issues with exaggerating the supposed crowd sizes that support him. Remember the inauguration?

This time, there is no way he can bloat his story about the Super Bowl champions’ visit to the White House. The pictures tell it all– and they don’t lie.

It’s no wonder attendance was so low. Trump’s racist attitudes would certainly be a big turn-off to the athletes, who are predominately African-American. What does Trump expect?

The New York Times reported:

During a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday, President Trump singled out several members of the New England Patriots, including wide receiver Danny Amendola, calling for them to raise a hand or step forward for acknowledgment. But Amendola was not there, nor were two dozen or more other players for the Super Bowl champions.

The customary White House visit for sports champions has become especially fraught since Trump was elected, with many athletes saying they would reject an invitation for political reasons. The issue was stark on Wednesday, when a relatively small contingent of Patriots players and team personnel flanked the president.

The Boston Globe reported that only 34 players attended. The White House did not immediately respond to an email asking for a count of players attending and a comment on the turnout.

Looks like the pictures tell all. The NFL clearly supported Barak Obama and happily accepted their invitations to the White House. NFL players overwhelmingly do not want to be associated with Trump.

But, Trump will come out and brag about the event saying, “Believe me, it was the biggest Superbowl champ turnout. Everyone’s talking about how great it was. It was YUGE! Wonderful. Everyone had a great time. This is a great, great group of athletes. They love me.”

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