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Jon Ossoff Could Reach 50% of Vote, Avoid Runoff, and Win Georgia Congressional Special Election

Republicans look to be in for a very very long night since Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is outperforming most projections, and is currently on pace to win the 50% of the vote necessary to avoid a runoff in 3 weeks, and immediately win a current Republican Congressional House seat in the Georgia special election.

Long before voting began tonight, here were the projected vote percentages that Ossoff is thought to have needed in each of the district’s 3 counties:

The LATESST: Ossoff is at 66% in DeKalb County, 54% in Cobb County, and 61% in Fulton County, and this is according to the official election results.

Ossoff is far ahead of his projected needed pace in all precincts.

So, with the early vote for Ossof being much higher than expected, Democrats have a REAL shot at flipping this seat to BLUE!

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