Democrat Congressman Initiates a Bill to Amplify Presidential REMOVAL Policy -
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Democrat Congressman Initiates a Bill to Amplify Presidential REMOVAL Policy

A Democratic Congressman, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.),  has put forth legislation to amplify the Constitution’s removal policy for Presidents. 

This comes after several Congressmen have expressed concerns regarding President Trump’s behavior.

Congressman Blumenauer (D-Ore.) recently filed the bill while the House was in a two week recess in April.  The proposed bill would give more power to former presidents and vice presidents of both parties, along with the current vice president, to ascertain whether or not a president is mentally fit for office.

Blumenauer said, …“It is hard to imagine a better group to work with the vice president to examine whether the president is able to discharge the duties of the office. When there are questions about the president’s ability to fulfill his or her constitutional responsibilities, it is in the country’s best interest to have a mechanism in place that works effectively.” 

Blumenauer’s said that he was concerned that the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which was put in place five decades ago, would not be sufficient to remove in cases of emotional or mental inability or incapacity.  That amendment lays out that the VP would  assume the Presidency if a president is removed from office, dies or resigns.

There is however, another alternative.  The VP and a simple majority of sitting cabinet officers could jointly certify that the sitting president is unfit mentally to continue in service.  In that case, the vice president would then assume the Presidency.  If in that case, the president refused to leave office, 2/3’s  of both the House and the Senate would need to have a vote to force the Presidnt to leave office.

Blumenauer is worried however, that the procedure referenced above may not work if a President were mentally unstable….he could just fire all the Cabinet members since they were chosen by him.

Congressman Blumenauer  also said, “Because the cabinet can be fired by the president, there is a natural bias that would make them reluctant to acknowledge the president’s inability to serve. It’s time to revisit and strengthen the Amendment and make sure there is a reliable mechanism in place if the president becomes unable to discharge the powers and duties of office.

Several other Democratic congressmen have raised concerns over Trump’s psychological status since he was inaugurated, those include Blumenauer, Sen. Al Franken (Minn.) and Reps. Ted Lieu (Calif.) and John Yarmuth (Ky.).

Hopefully this is something that will catch on.  Please Share if you agree!

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