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Republicans in SHOCK! Arnold Schwarzenegger Funding Project That Will Change American Politics FOREVER!

Republicans have alienated more and more voters in proportion to their growing arrogance.  That has forced the GOP to give up their consciences and integrity in indulging in gerrymandering at the local congressional levels.

Gerrymandering has aided Republicans keep a lock on Congress for the past 7 years, which has prevented the Congress from doing its duty in providing oversight and restraint over the tyrannical Trump Administration.

As a result of gerrymandering, Republicans have insulated their candidates from the majority of the population by packing Democrat voters into just a few districts, while packing Republicans into all the rest so they can keep their majorities.

But now, Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California Governor, come up with a project to help rid the country of the unethical practice of gerrymandering.

Schwarzenegger announced that he will match donations to the fight against gerrymandering for the purpose of making “Washington work for us.  He will be aiding the  group CrowdPAC that will be taking the lead in the battle..

Arnold’s brief statement goes as such…“it is now time to take independent redistricting reform nationwide. It’s complicated, but we are here to show you that it is not impossible. It’s a three-pronged attack — we will fight gerrymandering with grassroots initiatives, we will fight it by lobbying in state capitols and we will fight it in the courts. Together, we will win.”

We stand behind Mr. Schwarzenegger’s move to help bring a much more fair and ‘democratic’ process to our political system.

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