Trump Administration Jeopardized US Troops for Promotion of Jared Kushner’s Iraq Visit....That's Sickening! -
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Trump Administration Jeopardized US Troops for Promotion of Jared Kushner’s Iraq Visit….That’s Sickening!

While trying to positively promote Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and right hand man last week, the Trump Administration endangered military personnel’s lives, including Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Because Kushner had been causing  turmoil in the White House and trouble with Russia, Donald Trump desired to help Kushner look a bit heroic, publicly announcing that Kushner was in Iraq.

There was one sma;; problem with that however.  Kushner was NOT in fact in Iraq at that time. No, he was actually en route to Iraq with General Dunford.  That announcement by the Trump Administration violated standard protocol for someone going to a war zone, and as military people would say it…., it was “a security breach.”

Several former Presidents including George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s were not announced as visiting Iraq until they had arrived.

There is a good reason for the security and secrecy, and it is that Baghdad is still a hot zone.  Iraqi forces are still in heavy fighting against ISIS, which renders travel into Iraq very very dangerous. As a result, “the military seeks to avoid public mention of plans ahead of time, so extremist groups can’t plot attacks.”  Kushner basically made it a possibility that ISIS could have planned and launched an attack on him and any other military figures present at the time.

Now, unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time Trump or someone in his administration violated military protocol. When Trump was ‘honoring’ the returned remains of a deceased Navy SEAL, he left the White House in Marine One in broad daylight, where everyone could see, and that despite the fact that the press were told to keep it quiet.

Trump is continually putting more people at risk, including military personnel, the very ones who are supposed to keep us safe.

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