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Bernie Sanders Just KNOCKED OUT Mitch McConnell in Most Exciting Way Ever!

Sen. Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating of any U.S. senator in a new poll.

The Morning Consult poll showed a 75% approval rating for the senator from Vermont. Sanders, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton last year, has remained popular. He is now a vocal and constant critic of Donald Trump.

Fellow Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy came in second on Morning Consult’s rankings of popular senators at 70%, and John Barrasso of Wyoming was third at 69%.

Pollsters found Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the LEAST popular senator, with a 47% disapproval rating.

Sens. John McCain at 43% and Lindsey Graham at 40% were second and third on the least-popular list.

From MC

These polls are a snapshot of public sentiment, but clearly this does not bode well for Republicans in 2018.

Keep the trend going, and neuter Donald Trump after November of 18!

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