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Hillary BLASTS Trump for Hypocrisy on Syria…When the Donald Hears, He May Re-Think Prosecuting Her!

Hillary Clinton went to bat for the Syrian refugees who have been shunned by the Donald Trump Administration, all while he launches a grand show of military action to supposedly end their suffering.

Donald Trump will be receiving increasing criticism in the coming days over his order to launch a missile attack on a Syrian air base, but that’s not what Hillary focused on today.

While speaking at the Annie’s List luncheon in Texas, Clinton took Trump to task for for saying he was concerned over Syrian babies murdered in the chemical attack, while at the same time choosng to cut off refugees from the troubled area.

Clinton talked briefly about the very complicated path forward in Syria, and then she adeptly called out  Mr. Trump for the seemingly total disconnect between his expressions of compassion for children killed with the chemical weapons attack and his less than human refugee policies: Take a look…

Hillary says:

 So I hope this administration will move forward in a way that is both strategic and consistent with our values.

And I also hope that they will recognize that we cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies, and in the next close American doors.

Mr. Trump needs to understand that he cannot have it both ways. He cannot express concern for Syrian babies, while at the same time pushing for a foreign policy agenda that harms them.

It is still an unanswered question as to whether his air strike will provide any long term benefit to the suffering Syrians.  Conversely, taking in refugees immediately most certainly would be.

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