CAUGHT! Rex Tillerson Has Secret Meeting With Putin...Media Heads Exploding! -
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CAUGHT! Rex Tillerson Has Secret Meeting With Putin…Media Heads Exploding!

Donald Trump’s Secretary Rex Tillerson ditched his press pool, and snuck into an unscheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.


Russian officials said that Tillerson would not be meeting with Putin during his first official visit to Russia when asked earlier this week. Obviously, that wasn’t the case Wednesday.

In the midst of a growing tension between the two countries, both of which have different views on the ongoing conflict in Syria, the secret meeting was held between the top U.S. diplomat and the Russian President.

According to a senior U.S. official, Russia deployed a drone over the hospital where victims were being treated after the chemical attacks that took place in Syria. This is no coincidence, and leads this senior U.S. official to speculate that Russia might have known about the chemical attacks that took place in Syria prior to them happening

Even more so, that same hospital was bomb just hours later by a plane made by Russia.

“We don’t have positive accountability yet, but the fact that somebody would strike the hospital potentially to hide the evidence of a chemical attack, about five hours after, is a question that we’re very interested in,” a senior official said during a background briefing on Friday.

The U.S., however, has urged Russia to stop supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad who is believed to be behind the chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians last week.

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