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Mike Pence LIED Through His Teeth at Meeting with Business Leaders

Vice President Mike Pence went to Jacksonville, Florida to address small business owners and government leaders about the current health care bill and budget issues. 

Do you think he told the truth about any of it?  You’re right.  No he did NOT!

Pence did not waste any time in spewing falsehoods about the supposed progress made under the Trump administration to date.

“President Trump is going to be the best friend the American small businessman ever had,” Pence assured the audience on Saturday afternoon. “Trump’s going to fight for small business America,” he said, according to local ABC affiliate WCVB-5.

“On day one, President Trump…rolled back reams of red tape,” he said. “As a result, just last month, the American economy added 235,000 new jobs, and we are just getting started.”

But wait!…there’s more!

Pence promised that the Trump budget include cuts to taxes “across the board for working families.” That’s a lie. The truth is that Trump’s budget is a concoction designed to steal the poor and the middle class so they can cut taxes for the rich.

The Vice President also tried to make TrumpCare look better by putting down Obamacare…..“The Obamacare nightmare is about to end,” he told the crowd.

“Obamacare has failed the people of failed the people of America, and Obamacare must go,” he said. Mr. Pence called Florida “a textbook example of Obamacare’s failures.”

However, even by this year’s metrics, this is crazy talk. For what it’s worth, Florida is actually a clear cut example of the Affordable Care Act working beautifully. Tell us Mr. Pence what the 1.9 million people in Florida will do for insurance if the Obamacare plan goes away? No one knows.

Pence was obviously attempting to deceive these business leaders with words he should’ve recognized as untrue. Have you seen how much the V.P. is becoming like his boss?

Mostly, we tend to think about Trump when the word dishonest comes up, but it seems that Mr. Pence is giving ole Trumpy a run for his money in the lying category.

Now Pence’s recent divisions from the truth are starting to rack up.

When Pence lies he is aware of it , and it is done with precision. Soft voice, smile, and a whole lot of crap thrown in ! The only thing he is good at is lying.

He certainly doesn’t care about Women’s Rights or the LGBT Community, Healthcare, etc.

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