Ivanka Trump Taking the Low, Dark Road. Is She Manipulating Daddy?

Following the New York Times op-ed written by an unnamed senior member in the Trump White House who revealed that President Donald Trump is mentally incompetent and dangerous, we’ve watched Donald Trump’s world steadily fall apart. Trump has become disturbingly obsessed with the author’s identity while he rips his administration apart because of it. The only thing that was missing was Ivanka Trump jumping into the op-ed fray to make the whole thing worse. But that’s just happened.

Ivanka Trump and her criminal husband Jared Kushner have been attempting to shove the Chief of Staff John Kelly out of the White House for a while now. This could be because of Kelly’s decision to limit everybody’s direct access to Donald, which leaves people like Ivanka and Jared Kushner with less influence. Now that Trump is obsessed with getting his revenge against the courageous op-ed author, Ivanka is attempting to use it to her own advantage.

Ivanka and Jared are trying to convince Trump that the critical op-ed was written by John Kelly, according to a new profile from Vanity Fair (Kushner’s lawyer is still insisting that Vanity Fair’s source for the info is wrong). Could Kelly be the author? Sure. But there are many other people in the Trump White House who fit the profile created by the op-ed’s author. Trying this tactic of ‘Hey Dad, it’s just got to be John Kelly because I don’t like him’ is dishonest and misleading, to say the least.

Even with Trump’s criminal scandals about to ruin him and many of his own people being sent to prison, the people who are closest to Trump are entirely focused on destroying each other during a petty feud for more influence, in an incompetent administration that’s not likely to exist for much longer. Are all these people unaware that most of them are bound to end up in prison, or are they simply trying to take down internal rivals before going down themselves?

Mueller Is Raking It In, Trump Likely to Meltdown in 3..2..1..

Trump’s problem with Mueller: the special counsel is ‘batting a thousand’

The other day, President Trump published a very familiar tweet, summarizing his idiotic fury over Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into his crimes. “The illegal Mueller Witch Hunt continues in search of a crime,” Trump wrote. “There was never Collusion with Russia, except by the Clinton campaign, so the 17 Angry Democrats are looking at anything they can find. Very unfair and BAD for the country. ALSO, not allowed under the LAW!”

The “in search of a crime” part of the tweet made me laugh. Whether Trump noticed or not, Mueller has already gotten convictions and/or guilty pleas for cases against several of the members in the president’s inner circle – indicating that the special counsel’s “search” is going swimmingly.

Trump is throwing this tantrum because the special counsel keeps winning. Following Paul Manafort’s guilty plea and cooperation with prosecutors, Rachel Maddow said something enlightening on her MSNBC show:

“This is the eighth person convicted or pleading guilty in Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the election. Robert Mueller is now batting a thousand in terms of convictions and guilty pleas from everybody who he has pursued in court.

“He’s also now batting a thousand in terms of securing cooperation from every single American who has been charged in this case – including the president’s national security adviser, the president’s deputy campaign chair, and now the president’s campaign chairman who himself has decades’ worth of links to the former Soviet Union and whose business partner is believed by the FBI to be himself linked to Russian intelligence agencies.”

Paul Manafort’s deal was a breakthrough – and not only because Manafort oversaw Trump’s campaign in 2016, and not only because Manafort can help the special counsel discover the truth.

Rather, when Mueller flipped Manafort – “nabbing his white whale” – a powerful reminder was given to everyone involved in the historic scandal that Mueller is still on a winning streak that’s sure to continue.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the leading Democrat for the House Intelligence Committee, explained on “Meet the Press” yesterday, talking about Manafort’s plea deal, “[T]his sends a message to anyone who is in Bob Mueller’s crosshairs right now: you better get to the special counsel and make your deal now because anyone who gets indicted by Bob Mueller goes down. And the longer you wait to come clean, the worse deal you’re going to get, the more time you’re going to face.”

No wonder Trump is whining like a baby about the investigation being “illegal” along with being (Trump has such a way with words) “not allowed under the law”?