Trump Defies Military Officials’ Warning, Causes Disastrous Raid That Kills Navy Seal.

The first covert military operation under Trump’s leadership was a complete disaster. Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer, William “Ryan” Owens, lost his life during the firefight, as well as an eight-year-old American citizen. Fourteen Yemeni civilians died when the Yakla village was destroyed. And after a rough landing, American commandos were forced to destroy a $75 million MV-22 Osprey.

President Donald Trump’s first covert military action was a disaster by all accounts. One Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens lost his life in a ferocious firefight. Nawar “Nora” al-Alwaki, an eight-year-old American citizen, was shot in the neck and died. Fourteen more Yemeni civilians died at the hands of American commandos as the majority of Yakla village was obliterated. The commandos were forced to destroy a $75 million MV-22 Osprey after a rough landing.

Trump has hailed the mission as a “success,” but was it really? “Knowing that we killed an estimated 14 AQAP members and that we gathered an unbelievable amount of intelligence that will prevent the potential deaths or attacks on American soil – is something that I think most service members understand, that that’s why they joined the service.” said Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary.

In light of the undeniable losses, US military brass is starting to point fingers and pass blame. The responsibility lies with President Trump because it is his responsibility

Now, U.S. military officials are pointing fingers – and responsibility lies with President Trump as the Commander-in-Chief. It is ultimately his decision whether to put our military into combat and to assess the risk vs reward–because our people may pay with their lives.

Trump “approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations” according to Reuters. “As a result, three officials said, the attacking SEAL team found itself dropping onto a reinforced al Qaeda base defended by landmines, snipers, and a larger than expected contingent of heavily armed Islamist extremists. One of the three U.S. officials said on-the-ground surveillance of the compound was ‘minimal, at best.‘”

Now we know that this raid had been proposed before. President Obama refused to authorize it due to operational insufficiency. He was not comfortable putting our military in that risky position without the appropriate level of tactical information available on the target and defenses. Obama took the decision very seriously and understood the implications for not only our military but for the civilians living in that village. Trump apparently did not care.

So what did we gain at the expense of all those lives? A laptop and some documents. Donald Trump saw the potential to posture himself as a strong military leader on the world scene. Instead, he hastily approved a mission that had already been rejected by a President with much more experience than him and showed the world his immaturity and ignorance.

Starbucks Driving Conservatives Crazy

On Monday, Starbucks announced it will no longer use plastic straws in any of its stores across the globe.

The coffee giant said it wants to stop using all plastic single-use straws by 2020, and instead will cover cold beverages with lids that don’t need a straw.

In a release, the company stated that customers will be able to request paper or compostable straws, which they will serve with their blended Frappuccino beverages.

Starbucks predicts it will get rid of over 1 billion straws per year.

CEO and president of Starbucks Kevin Johnson said the move was a “significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways.”

Earlier, the company announced a 10 million dollar effort to create and begin using a “fully recyclable and compostable hot cup.”

Starbucks announced it will start using the strawless caps in stores in Vancouver and Seattle by the fall, and will expand to the United States and Canada, then other locations around the world, in 2019.

Starbucks is the most recent company to ban straws while awareness of ocean pollution and marine life being harmed around the world increases. Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced it would no longer use plastic straws in its Ireland and United Kingdom locations.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of U.K., also declared a nationwide ban on plastic straws to try and get rid of plastic waste by the year 2042.

In the United States, Seattle became the first big city to ban straws and utensils made of plastic, following many smaller cities and businesses across the nation.

Conservatives Are Starting To Cave In To Trump On Collusion Charges

How can one tell if the Russia scandal’s seriousness has intensified? When allies of Donald Trump find out they must move the goal posts once more.

For example, last week, Andrew McCarthy from National Review insisted on Fox News that nothing is necessarily wrong with the possibility of Trump’s political operation has asked a foreign adversary for help in winning a presidential election.

“Look, I don’t think that it’s bad if campaigns are turning to foreign governments for dirt. It’s not collusion, it’s not something that’s impeachable, it’s icky. But that’s what this is.”

One day later, Mollie Hemingway from The Federalist wrote, “I don’t have a problem [with] getting dirt on election opponents from foreigners,” adding later that it’s pretty much the same thing as using the Steele dossier.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News was quick to endorse the line and told viewers that “Nobody is claiming that any information changed hands, though, even if it did, so what?”

This might not have been avoidable, but that doesn’t mean the new talking point is any less pathetic.

First of all, if getting assistance for a campaign from foreign adversaries is entirely okay, then why has Trump spent so much of his time and energy making up lies about it? If the accusation in question is basically meaningless, then why didn’t Trump argue this months before?

Second of all, people who constantly feel like moving the goalposts are almost always the losers in an argument. The original line Trump World and its allies gave was Russia did not attack our elections. Soon, the evolution came along: Alright, Russia might have attacked, but Trump’s campaign wasn’t in contact with our adversaries while they attacked. Alright, they might have been in contact, but they didn’t talk about the campaign. Alright, Team Trump might have spoken about the campaign to our adversaries while they attacked, but is that actually that bad?


When it comes to comparing the Steele dossier with Russia’s attack, it’s so embarrassingly weak that I’m slightly surprised that conservatives would seriously consider the line. There is a measurable difference between a team of researchers using sources to put an oppo report together and a foreign government that uses military intelligence officers to steal materials and weaponize them to put an ally in power.

People who view these two activities identically are either confused deeply or they are not making their argument in good faith.