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Republicans Defecting: Calling For Special Prosecutor To Investigate Trump

On Bill Maher’s show, Real Time With Bill Maher, California Republican Congressman Darrell Issa appeared to talk about a few things. On the list of juicy tidbits was the subject of Donald Trump’s connections to Russia.

Surprisingly, Issa threw Trump under the bus and told Maher that he agrees that hiring a special prosecutor to investigate would be the best option.

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It looks like even our Republican politicians are sounding the “beep beep beep” back-up signal when it comes to Trump. Everyone is trying to establish some distance to the failing President.

Maher first asked this question, via BR:

‘Say the Russians hacked only Mitt Romney and there was a lot of contact between the Obama administration and Russia. You going to let that slide?’

Issa insisted that indeed, he would not have let that slide. Kudos for admitting that one.

Maher then pressed Issa further, asking whether or not he favors recusal for Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the investigation into Russia’s interference, which allegedly was intended to help Donald Trump win the election.


‘We need an independent prosecutor. And Jeff Sessions should recuse himself, the same way Loretta Lynch recused herself, because he was a part of the Trump campaign, is that correct?’

Issa responded by saying that, unlike many of his Republican colleagues, he is in favor of using a special prosecutor.

‘You’re right that you cannot have somebody — a friend of mine, Jeff Sessions — who was on the campaign and who is an appointee. You’re going to need to use the special prosecutor’s statute and office.’

They’re running from Trump like rats, and we are seeing some major CYA moves here.

Most of the republicans can’t stand Trump. But our question is where are the others in Congress? Why are they not calling loudly for an investigation into Trump’s Russian relationships?

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Hopefully, they’ll start pressuring each other to make the moves necessary to bring to light the truth of what we are dealing with in a Trump presidency.

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