Pelosi Puts Her Foot Down on Trump, Warns of What is Coming -
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Pelosi Puts Her Foot Down on Trump, Warns of What is Coming

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the new Speaker of the House, said Thursday that President Donald Trump will face a very “different world” with stronger oversight while Democrats control the House.

“He was used to serving with a Republican Congress, House and Senate that was a rubber stamp to him. That won’t be the case,” Nancy Pelosi said to USA Today. “Oversight of government by the Congress is our responsibility.”

Rep. Pelosi and other Democrats are laying out a host of areas in which they intend to do oversight or investigations. Leading Democrats have said in recent months that they plan to investigate the president’s finances, his incompetent daughter Ivanka’s use of her private email and Trump’s corrupt foreign policy decisions.

Nancy Pelosi told USA Today she does not want to seek impeachment unless it is “clearly bipartisan.”

“The facts will indicate a path and I don’t think we should impeach a president for any political reason, but I don’t think we can ignore any behavior that requires attention and that was all based on the facts,” Nancy Pelosi said to USA Today.

The successful California Democrat, who became the first woman to be elected Speaker back in 2007, returned to the top-ranking spot in the House on Thursday as the new Congress was sworn in.

Nancy Pelosi, 78, joins former Representatives Henry Clay and Sam Rayburn among the only lawmakers to have nonconsecutive terms as the Speaker. She won over Democrats late in 2018 who had said they opposed her as Speaker.

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