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Just Hours Before the Final 115th Congress, Senate Slipped in Deals

The Senate approved dozens of President Donald Trump’s nominees just hours before the deadline to approve them or else force the Trump administration to re-nominate any of them who hadn’t been approved.

The Senate confirmed over 60 nominations via voice vote on the final day for the 115th Congress.

The Senate Majority Leader and devious turtle-man Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) declared that he and the Democratic Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer had struck a deal for executive-branch nominations.

“I’m glad the president will have more of his rightful team in place, and I’m glad that this group of newly confirmed nominees will be able to get to work on important business for the American people,” Turtle McConnell said right before the nominees got confirmed.

Trump whined ignorantly about the pace of the confirmation votes for his nominations, including blaming Chuck Schumer in two tweets.

….Senator Schumer, more than a year longer than any other Administration in history. These are people who have been approved by committees and all others, yet Schumer continues to hold them back from serving their Country! Very Unfair!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 31, 2018

Scheduling floor votes is up to Mitch McConnell, but any senator can force McConnell to eat up a lot of time before the final vote on any nomination.

Included in that package which cleared the Senate were the ambassador nominations for almost two dozen countries.

Along with ambassador picks, the U.S. Senate’s final nominations package for the 115th Congress had Steve Dillingham’s nomination for director for the Census Bureau, 8 U.S. attorney nominations as well as members in the Federal Communications Commission and the Election Assistance Commission.

That package didn’t include federal lifetime judicial nominees. Those have emerged as a main priority for Turtle McConnell and the scheming Senate Republican Conference. The Democrats vowed late in December that they wouldn’t sign off on including them because similar packages in 2018 got them harsh blowback from their progressive base.

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