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Government Shutdown is Crushing Donald Trump’s Political Future

Donald Trump’s approval rating dipped to 44% in December during a partial government shutdown, a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll shows. (FiveThirtyEight’s poll average puts Trump’s approval rating at 41.4% and uses considerably more data.)

The poll was done earlier this week in a tumultuous period for the incompetent White House, as the partial government shutdown now moves into its second week. The cause of that shutdown is a standoff between the racist president and Congress regarding $5 billion in funds for Donald Trump’s primitive border wall.

All told, 44% of poll respondents said that they at least partly approve of the job Donald Trump is doing in the corrupted White House — 20% strongly approve, and 24% somewhat approve.

Most of the voters surveyed — 56% — still disapprove of President Trump’s performance. Out of that, 19% said that they somewhat disapprove, while 36% strongly disapprove.

The new numbers come as Donald Trump finds failing miserably on multiple fronts.

Trump is dealing with the fallout due to the ongoing government shutdown caused by his obsession with appeasing hateful racists, he is facing a suffering stock market and criticism over his choice to withdraw American troops from Syria — a move which has outraged warmongering Republicans and prompted the resignation of the Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Meanwhile, 59% of respondents said that they disapprove of Trump’s work running the government. Only slightly less — 57% — say the president’s handling of our foreign affairs is failing, the poll found.

The president’s dismal and embarrassing approval rating largely mirrors the approval of the Republican Party’s leadership of America.

Only 42% of respondents said that they approve of how the party is handling its job, while 58% disapprove. The findings come mere days before the new Democratic majority will take power in the House, bringing a divided government into Washington D.C. for the first time in 4 years.

The new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll of 1,473 registered voters was done from Dec. 24-26.

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