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Obama’s Senior Adviser is Convinced About Michelle’s Political Future

Michelle Obama, former first lady, is never going to run for political office, a top adviser of the White House during Obama’s administration says.

“Let me very clear. It will never happen,” said Valerie Jarrett on Monday to Alisyn Camerota of CNN. “She has committed her life to public service. And she’s going to use her incredible platform to be a force for good, but not in politics.”

“You can bank on that,” added Jarrett. “She’s been very clear on that subject.”

Obama has said multiple times that she won’t run for office, even though she is popular with Democrats.

“But there are lots of way you can serve beyond running for office and I think that’s absolutely what she’s devoted to doing,” concluded Jarrett.

Although we agree that Michelle will be amazing at anything she does, it’s a shame that she wouldn’t consider a presidency. She and Barak would make a great team.

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