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Does Trump Question Mike Pence’s Loyalty to the Regime?

Donald Trump on Saturday blasted the New York Times story that said Trump was privately questioning the loyalty of Vice President Pence’s, dishonestly calling it a “phony story.”

Donald Trump, in public, called Mike Pence “100 percent loyal” as well as “a terrific person” as he was speaking to reporters outside the White House before going on a trip to California, a direct contradiction of the way Trump talks about Pence in private, a demonstration of how two-faced the president can be.

“No I don’t question his loyalty at all. He is 100 percent loyal. It was a phony story … a typical New York Times phony story,” Trump lied to reporters.

“He is a trooper … I could not be happier,” Donald Trump added of Mike Pence.

Donald Trump also blasted the NYT report in tweets Saturday morning, accusing the,m of making up sources (which they never do, Trump is lying) and refusing to ask him for a quote, which they attempted to do.

A reporter for the story, Maggie Haberman, said that the Times communicated with White House press staff members and that President Trump “would need to talk to them about why they didn’t provide us with a quote from him.”

The apparently disloyal vice president addressed that report earlier on Saturday while traveling across Papua New Guinea for events involving an Asia-Pacific summit.

“I’m just tempted not to dignify it with a comment,” Mike Pence said, seemingly unaware of how the president talks about him behind his back, adding that he and Donald Trump “have a very close” as well as a “very strong relationship.”

“I’ve been honored to serve as his vice president, I was honored when he asked me to run with him,” Mike Pence said.

The Times reported on Friday that President Trump had been feverishly asking aides and advisers about Mike Pence ahead of their premature preparations for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, which Trump will be neglecting his presidential responsibilities to work on.

Trump reportedly questioned Mike Pence’s allegiance so repetitively that his advisers became worried.

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