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Mike Pence’s Pitiful Attempt to Defend Trump’s Treatment of Press

Vice President Pence on Thursday claimed the Trump administration defends the freedom of the press worldwide, and dismissed the comparisons between the tyrannical White House’s decision to take away CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials and Pence’s criticism against Myanmar’s leader for imprisoning two journalists. The issue here is that Mike Pence is using his criticism of a leader on the other side of the Earth to justify his apathy about the American president Donald Trump, whom he can actually influence, attacking journalism as a whole, calling it fake news and “the enemy of the people”, and inspiring a terrorist attack against CNN.

“This administration has stood strong for a free and independent press and defended the freedom of the press on a world stage,” Mike Pence lied to reporters in Singapore, where he is attending an international summit.

Pence said, “There’s no comparison whatsoever between disagreements over decorum at the White House and the imprisonment of the two reporters in Myanmar,” according to ABC News. Of course, the Acosta scandal was not Trump’s only attack on the free press, and Pence’s attempt to frame it as such is misleading and despicable.

Mike Pence on Wednesday confronted Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar about her country’s treatment of the Rohingya Muslims and its immoral imprisonment of two Reuters journalists. In a one-on-one meeting, the hypocritical vice president called the jailing of the two journalists since 2017 “deeply troubling,” and he emphasized the importance of having a “free and independent press.” it would be nice if he had the same things to say to Donald Trump.

Hours later, the anti-American White House defended itself against the lawsuit from CNN and Jim Acosta over the removal of his press pass by saying that the president can decide which reporters are allowed in the White House and doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

President Trump has abused and lied about the media since he began his run for president. He regularly insults reporters and calls news outlets “fake news” and has called the free press the “enemy of the people”, a phrase borrowed from murderous dictators like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Benito Mussolini.

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