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Hannity Spins Election Results With Delusional Ideas

On Tuesday, deranged Fox News host Sean Hannity called most of the news media “clueless” while confusingly dismissing the new Democratic House majority as “meaningless.”

The dishonest host claimed that tyrannical and dishonest President Trump got a “massive win” during the midterm elections while bringing up the massive losses ex-President Obama and ex-President Clinton suffered during their first midterms.

“MOST in the media are absolutely clueless,” Sean Hannity tweeted rudely to his over 3.8 million followers. “Tonight was a massive win [for Trump] and [the people] he campaigned [for]-remember [between] the House & Senate, Obama lost 69 seats, Clinton lost 60 seats.”

“The Democrats winning the house is meaningless,” Sean Hannity lied. “Stay tuned for my analysis on radio & TV. Great night.”

Democrats picked up 27 seats by early Wednesday morning, with several other races too close to call. Democrats needed 23 seats in order to control the House, which they have not done since 2010.

Since 1918, whichever party is in power loses 29 seats on average, with the party of the president losing seats during 18 out of the last 20 midterms.

With a net gain of three or more seats in the Senate, Republicans will strengthen their Senate majority, which they have used for all sorts of wickedness, such as confirming the
alleged rapist Brett Kavanaugh and helping shield Donald Trump from punishment for his many felonies.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he was pleased with the results.

“Tremendous success tonight Thank you all!” Donald Trump wrote to his 55 million Twitter followers on Tuesday night.


The Democrats did well, but when a tyrant is happy, it’s very concerning.

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