Trump Administration Just Made Major Decision on Minimum Wage -
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Trump Administration Just Made Major Decision on Minimum Wage

Larry Kudlow, the White House economic adviser on Thursday said that he would oppose any political deal that would increase the federal minimum wage, showing that he has no interested in helping the millions of Americans who aren’t paid a living wage.

“My view is no. My view is a federal minimum wage is a terrible idea, and will damage, in particular, small businesses,” Kudlow said when he was asked about the possibility at a Washington Post event.

The Democrats have fought for increasing the disturbingly low federal minimum wage to up to $15 an hour, over twice its current rate of just $7.25.

“Today, a full-time minimum wage worker is unable to afford to rent a small, two-bedroom apartment anywhere in the United States. Republicans’ failed trickle down policies have left the American people with a raw deal, jeopardizing our children’s future and the future of our economy,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in a July statement which marked nine long years since the last time the minimum wage was increased.

Kudlow said that he is against the federal minimum wage because the state and local economies are so varied that the one-size-fits all approach won’t work, but then he also said he opposed minimum wages for the state and local level, making it clear that it just boils down to his lack of concern for less fortunate Americans.

Kudlow deceitfully and shamefully argued that the very best way to help workers was to decrease corporate taxes, which is of course a shameless lie. Workers’ wages have stayed largely stagnant in the past several years.

Leading economists say that sizeable increases in the minimum wage would increase consumer spending power and thereby grow GDP significantly and will also have very positive benefits for America’s lowest-paid workers. However, Republicans have made it very clear that they only care about the wealthiest Americans, who will contribute to Republican campaigns as a thanks for betraying the well-being of most Americans for the sake of the 1%.

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