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Trump Leans Into Crazy Conspiracy Theory


Donald Trump said on Wednesday he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the billionaire philanthropist George Soros or another person is funding the large caravan of Central American migrants that is moving toward America, an insane claim with no evidence.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Donald Trump told reporters outside of the White House when he was asked if “someone” is funding the caravan.

“George Soros?” a journalist interjected.

“I don’t know who, but I wouldn’t be surprised,” Donald Trump said. “A lot of people say yes.” Of course, all of those people are right-wing conspiracy theorists.

The conspiracy theory that Soros, who is a Democratic megadonor, is providing financial support for immigrants has steadily spread among insane and dishonest conservatives in recent weeks, reports The Washington Post.

The president, who recently suggested at a campaign/hate rally in Houston that the group of migrants were getting paid to move to America, later shared the video that accompanied that Matt Gaetz tweet.

Robert Gregory Bowers, who killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue last weekend, echoed Donald Trump’s rhetoric about the migrant caravan, calling them a group of “invaders” with a social media post not long before the shooting.

Bowers also railed against HIAS, which is a Jewish refugee resettlement organization that he falsely accused of helping to bring people to America in order to carry out violence.

Days prior to the shooting, George Soros, who is Jewish, was targeted by a mail bomb.

Donald Trump on Wednesday dishonestly denied that he is “fear mongering” about the caravan, a group which he has painted in accurately as an imminent threat to our national security and lied is filled with scary boogeymen like “thugs,” “criminals” as well as “unknown Middle Easterners.”

The migrant group is largely composed of people from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, and it includes a large number of women and children.

“Immigration is a very, very big and very dangerous — a really dangerous topic,” Donald Trump lied to reporters.

Trump said that he might deploy 15,000 service members to “protect” the U.S. southern border from the poor migrants fleeing violence in their home countries.

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