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CNN Host Equates Trump’s Language With Stalin’s and Hitler’s.

CNN host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday denounced President Donald Trump for his “midterm hate campaign” based on fear and hatred.

Cuomo explained that Trump “whipped up as much xenophobia and conflict as he can.”

Cuomo later said that Trump’s main message is merely that “Democrats are evil” and the “media is the enemy of the people.” This has manifested in a devoted Trump supporter mailing bombs to CNN and leading Democrats.

“Again, that is a phrase propagated by Stalin, used by Hitler. The president says he’s a nationalist. Again, we know where this comes from, and it’s painful, especially to the ears of those who fled and fought the Nazis like the 11 Jewish people massacred this past weekend,” Chris Cuomo added, mentioning the shooting massacre in a Pittsburg synagogue done last Saturday by a far-right nationalist, which was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in all of American history.

The CNN host pointed out that Trump’s message is all about “demonizing” people.

“The president is doing this not out of some deep, profound conviction. It’s because he thinks it sells. It’s all about the sell,” Cuomo said, adding that Trump is molding the Republican Party into his evil image.

Cuomo’s remarks came after a week where a Trump supporter got arrested and charged for mailing a rash of pipe bombs to prominent Democratic figures who had criticized Trump. Just one day later, the horrific mass shooting in Tree of Life Synagogue happened.

Trump called for unity just last Wednesday as the reports came out about bombs getting sent to Democratic figures and CNN’s New York City office. However, Trump later showed off his totalitarian tendencies and lied that the anger in America is caused by “inaccurate, and even fraudulent” media coverage, thereby dishonestly blaming the victim for an attack on them committed by a Trump supporter who was apparently inspired directly by Donald Trump’s tweets.

“The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly,” the deranged and tyrannical tweeted Monday. “That will do much to put out the flame.”

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