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Obama Makes Impassioned Last Minute Plea

Former President Obama, who’s been on the campaigning for Democrats this election season, urged voters on Tuesday to “determine the character of our country” during the upcoming midterms.

Obama also implored Americans to vote based on the health care issue on Tuesday.

“Your vote can decide the health care of millions,” said the president in his important tweet. “You have power — use it! In most states, you don’t even have to wait until Election Day to cast a ballot.”

Obama has taken an active role in supporting the Democrats and pushing back against evil President Trump in recent months before the midterms and he has personally worked the campaign trail to help out Democratic candidates in many states.

Obama’s return to the political fray has been energizing and inspiring to many Democrats. “He will echo his call to reject the rising strain of authoritarian politics and policies. And he will preview arguments he’ll make this fall, specifically that Americans must not fall victim to our own apathy by refusing to do the most fundamental thing demanded of us as citizens: vote,” explained Katie Hill, a spokeswoman working for the former president.

Democrats must capture at least 23 seats in the House of Representatives while gaining two seats in the Senate in order to retake both chambers in Congress next week. Generic ballot polls show the party with a big advantage over the  Republicans among the voters for control in the House, including one released on Tuesday that showed that the party has a double-digit lead.

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