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Trump’s Bizarre Tweet Accusation Is Hammered Down

Donald Trump on Monday idiotically retweeted a tweet from another account that falsely claimed that CBS executives were suppressing the video of an episode from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that then-candidate Donald Trump was a guest on.

The tweet, which the mentally incompetent president retweeted on Monday evening, came from a very small account with under 50 followers which bizarrely claimed that “you will not find these segments on YouTube” and said that CBS “deleted” the episode off its website.

CBS doesn’t typically give access to shows from more than a week ago on its website, and CBS’s official YouTube channel still has a video of Trump’s interview with American hero Stephen Colbert, which has been watchable on the platform ever since 2015 and has over 14 million views.

In addition, that bizarre video tweeted by the ominously named account, “@blacksfortrump5,” (it reminds one of the social media tactics Russians in 2016) is edited to seem like Colbert and his audience are all celebrating Trump’s disturbing run for president, while, during the actual clip, Stephen Colbert was joking that Donald Trump provided his show’s writers with tons of material for their program.

“So Revealing!” Donald Trump wrote foolishly in his caption for the retweet. What’s really revealing is that the president failed to check the original tweet’s accuracy. Why is this man in charge of our country?

Stephen Colbert is a vocal critic of the racist president. He responded shortly after midnight on Tuesday, saying “the original clips have always been online” then chastising Trump for ignorantly tweeting about him during a “national day of mourning.” Donald Trump has rudely insulted Colbert in the past, a sign of the president’s immaturity and inability to take a joke or criticism.

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