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Lawsuit Targets Trumps for Fake Business Opportunities

Donald Trump and three of his criminal children persuaded vulnerable American consumers to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their fake business opportunities to get “large, secret payments,” a lawsuit filed on Monday shows.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the District Court of the Southern District for New York on Monday, was initially reported by New York Times. Trump and three of Trump’s adult children — Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump— deliberately misled vulnerable consumers to invest in sketchy business opportunities and training programs that were offered by 3 consumer-facing companies in order to get “large, secret payments” from 2005 to 2015.

Those three companies are ACN Opportunity, which is a multilevel marketing firm that provides telecommunications; the phony Trump Institute, which is a live-seminar program which falsely claimed to sell Donald Trump’s “secrets to success,” and The Trump Network, a company which sold various diet supplements and multivitamins, the lawsuit shows.

Four plaintiffs filed the lawsuit, but their names are not public. The lawsuit creatively called them Jane Doe, Richard Roe, Luke Loe, and Mary Moe.

That lawsuit says that the Trump Organization informed investors that they would have a decent chance at commercial success if they  invested in the companies; that Donald Trump was endorsing and promoting all the investments because he thought they would be profitable; and even that Trump’s endorsement was firmly based on personal experience. None of these claims were true.

“Indeed, defendants were aware that the vast majority of consumers would lose whatever money they invested in the business opportunities and training programs the endorsed entities offered,” explains the 164-page complaint.

The terrible Trumps made millions by conning victims who “were then and now among the most economically marginalized and vulnerable Americans,” the complaint says.

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