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Ted Cruz Instigates Massive Blame Game Just When He Should Be Showing Leadership

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on Wednesday shamelessly and dishonestly blamed Democratic politicians for somehow “encouraging” over-the-top behavior and rhetoric in politics, hours after authorities intercepted a long series of suspicious packages that were sent to prominent Democrats, critics of Trump, and CNN earlier on that day.

Cruz claimed on MSNBC’s show “Meet the Press Daily” that both sides ought to tone down their rhetoric and learn to disagree in a more civil manner. When asked whether President Trump, who appears to have inspired the terrorist, might do more to help that effort, Cruz, showing his true colors as an unprincipled partisan, shifted his focus to the Democrats’ much more civil rhetoric.

“I think the media always focuses on the president,” Ted Cruz said. “There are too many Democratic politicians that are actively encouraging this.”

Cruz said that both major parties must do a much better job of discouraging the hostilities before pivoting his focus to another prominent Democrat, the former presidential candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I thought it was unfortunate when Hillary Clinton said ‘we can be civil after the Democrats win. That’s wrong,” Ted Cruz said, referencing the comments from Clinton earlier in the month, making a false equivalency between President Trump inspiring a terrorist and Clinton encouraging voters to fight to weaken Donald Trump’s party.

The Secret Service said that it intercepted a package earlier on Wednesday addressed to former president Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s home in New York.

The package was just like ones addressed to the former President Barack Obama, to CNN’s New York City offices, to the former Attorney General Eric Holder and to the billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

Ted Cruz condemned the threats, saying that citizens can disagree on substance without ever resorting to violence.

“This has been a very divided time, a polarized time,” Cruz said. “Violence is never okay, and it doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum it comes. These bombs that were apparently sent to Soros and Obama and Clinton, is deeply troubling. On its face it appears to be a terrorist act. I hope the person is caught, is prosecuted and goes to jail for a long, long time.”

Many Democratic leaders pointed to Donald Trump’s unhinged attacks on Democrats at his  hateful campaign rallies and elsewhere, where the dangerous demagogue has labeled Democrats an “angry mob,” and even attacked news outlets as being the “enemy of the people.”

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