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Democrats Overpowering Republicans Where it Matters Most

Over 70 Democratic House hopefuls outraised the Republican incumbents during the third quarter in 2018, an analysis done by The Hill of the newly filed fundraising reports shows, giving them a huge financial edge during the final stretch in the midterms.

The filings of the July to September quarter proved that Democrats continued their aggressive fundraising for some of the closest House and Senate races.

8 Democrats running for seats in the House each raised over $3 million during the same period, while 30 fundraised over $2 million and 60 of them raked in over $1 million.

Three Democratic candidates raised over $4 million during the third quarter — Gil Cisneros as well as Andrew Janz in California and also Scott Wallace in Pennsylvania. Some of the money didn’t come directly from donors, however, since Cisneros loaned his own campaign $3.5 million, and Wallace loaned $4 million for his.

The fundraising numbers are just the latest boon to the Democratic hopes to win back the House majority this November. The party must pick up at least 23 House seats to take control of the chamber away from the destructive and corrupt GOP.

“It’s another reminder of how energized and motivated the Democratic base is,” Navin Nayak said, the executive director for the Center of American Progress Action Fund, noting that the large number of small-dollar donations to the Democratic candidates “reinforces that there’s a ton of enthusiasm for candidates who are going to reject corporate PAC money.”

During the previous quarter, over 50 Democratic House hopefuls fundraised more than the unprincipled Republican incumbents.

The high number of Democrats who outraised Republican incumbents in this quarter kept up a trend of unprecedented fundraising that has helped strengthened Democrats in 2018.

The powerful numbers are in a larger trend of increased enthusiasm among Democratic voters and American donors driven by the deep dissatisfaction with racist monster President Trump and the greedy and corrupt Republican-controlled Congress.

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