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Hillary Clinton Pulls No Punches in Rally for Dems for Tuesday

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton blasted her depraved 2016 presidential campaign rival, President Donald Trump, while seeking to rally the Democrats in the last few weeks before the midterm elections in November.

“Our democracy is in crisis. The president degrades the rule of law, spreads corruption, and discredits truth. Over the next three weeks, we all have a chance to turn back the tide,” Hillary Clinton wrote in tweets urging her followers to register themselves to vote and assist with voter turnout efforts taking place in their areas.

Hillary Clinton has often exchanged criticisms with Donald Trump during his disastrous presidency.

Clinton wrote in the new afterward for her hit book, “What Happened,” that was published last month in The Atlantic that “our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege” and said Trump has undermined our “national unity that makes democracy possible.”

Hillary Clinton’s comments on Tuesday also come after Clinton said last week “civility can start again” in America only if Democrats win the House and/or the Senate during next month’s midterms.

Hillary Clinton said that “you cannot be civil with” the monstrous Republican Party because the party “wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”

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