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Kellyanne Conway Dismisses Modern Science as ‘Junk’

White House counselor and professional liar Kellyanne Conway on Monday arrogantly and ignorantly dismissed Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) ancestry DNA test revealing her partial Native American heritage, inexplicably calling it “junk science.”

Warren, who is a potential presidential candidate for 2020, released DNA test results which a top researcher explained “strongly support” there having been a Native American ancestor of Warren.

“I haven’t looked at the test,” Kellyanne Conway said to Abby Phillip of CNN. Conway seemed very confident in her stupidity. “I know that everybody likes to pick their junk science or sound science depending on the conclusion, it seems some days.”

“But I haven’t looked at the DNA test and it really doesn’t interest me,” Kellyanne Conway added.

That professional DNA analysis was done by Carlos Bustamante, who is a Stanford University professor and specialist in biomedical data science as well as genetics. Senator Warren then gave those test results to The Boston Globe.

Carlos Bustamante said Elizabeth Warren’s test results show that the “vast majority” of her genetic makeup is European, but “the results strongly support the existence of a … Native American ancestor,” from six to ten generations ago.

Elizabeth Warren reminded the dishonest president that he  promised to give her a million dollars if she could demonstrate her Native American ancestry. Donald Trump has often said that she was lying about her heritage, rudely calling her “Pocahontas” like the racist jerk he is.

On Monday, Trump denied ever promising to give Warren $1 million.

“Who cares?” he ignorantly said. “I didn’t say that. Nope, you better read it again.” Of course, upon “reading it again”, one will find exactly the same thing: that the president made a promise, and now he refuses to keep it. He could give his money to a good cause, but now he refuses to, because of his greed. Let’s hope the wealthy president changes his mind–then everyone will win.

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