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Trump Makes Pitiful Attempt to Justify Speech Mocking Woman

Donald Trump in an interview said that Republicans would not have won on the Supreme Court Justice and accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation if he had not made a speech where he mocked Christine Blasey Ford, the woman Kavanaugh sexually assaulted.

The president made the ignorant comment on CBS’s show “60 Minutes,” after the correspondent Lesley Stahl talked about a speech Trump delivered at a Mississippi rally in early October.

“Had I not made that speech, we would not have won,” Trump stupidly said, showing just how egotistical and deluded he is. Donald Trump truly believes that the world revolves around him.

Trump got criticism from both Democrats and Republicans when, during the truly evil speech, he did an impersonation of Dr. Ford as she answered the questions from senators about Kavanaugh’s sexual assault against her.

“36 years ago, this happened,” Donald Trump said during the rally, referencing the 1982 party where Kavanaugh allegedly pinned Ford to a bed and then groped her.

He launched into a very mocking imitation of Ford, drawing laughter and clapping from the despicable conservative crowd, people who must truly have no shame or respect.

“How did you get home?” Donald Trump said. ” ‘I don’t remember.’ How’d you get there? ‘I don’t remember.’ Where is the place? ‘I don’t remember.’ How many years ago was it? ‘I don’t know.’ “

When pressed by Leslie Stahl during an interview, Trump dishonestly denied that he was making fun of Ford.

The Senate voted  50-48 to confirm attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh, which is one of the slimmest margins ever for a Supreme Court confirmation in the nation’s history. The truths shared by Ford and the other women nearly stopped his nomination (lucky for Kavanaugh, conservatives don’t value women) and fueled massive protests both on Capitol Hill and in other parts of America.

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