Dozens of 'At-Risk' Republicans are Now Championing a Big Health Care Issue Just Before the Election -
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Dozens of ‘At-Risk’ Republicans are Now Championing a Big Health Care Issue Just Before the Election

Dozens of vulnerable Republicans in the House have recently signed bills or resolutions that support pre-existing conditions protections in a desperate and dishonest attempt to demonstrate their support for ObamaCare’s most popular aspect.

32 of the 49 Republican incumbents in races that are deemed competitive by Cook Political Report have hypocritically supported congressional measures for pre-existing conditions during the past six weeks, an analysis by The Hill shows.

The moves, which come in the last weeks of the 2018 midterm campaign cycle, are a course “reversal” (as in, they’re lying) for members of an anti-American party that for years fought against the Affordable Care Act, and worked for its repeal.

An August Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that over 72 percent of Americans believe the protections — prohibiting greedy insurers from denying health coverage to people who have pre-existing conditions or making them pay more for coverage — should stay law.

Democrats seized on the Trump administration’s June announcement in court that it won’t defend ObamaCare’s crucial protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions. The  GOP-controlled Justice Department sided with the twenty Republican state attorneys general who selfishly filed a lawsuit to overturn ObamaCare.

Tyler Law, who is the national press secretary of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, explained that the “overwhelming majority” of the campaign ads coming from the DCCC and the Democrats have talked about health care, and pre-existing conditions are the central theme.

“Republicans are stuck on defense, forced to respond to devastatingly effective ads on their record on pre-existing conditions, and touting nonbinding resolutions as they panic because they see the political fallout,” Tyler Law said.

“Republicans clearly recognize how politically disastrous their policies are in regards to pre-existing conditions,” Law added. “They are now just making up an alternative record on which all of a sudden they seem to care about pre-existing conditions.”

“They’re trying to claim they support protections for people with pre-existing conditions. It’s really disingenuous,” Maura Calsyn said. She is the managing director for health policy in the Center for American Progress, which is a liberal think tank. “They’re hoping the public is going to ignore their past votes and their past statements that they don’t support the ACA.”

A nonpartisan government agency, the Congressional Budget Office, concluded in 2017 that under the Republican health care bill, people who have pre-existing medical conditions “would ultimately be unable to purchase comprehensive nongroup health insurance at premiums comparable to those under current law, if they could purchase it at all.”

“The Republicans who are pushing now to clean things up three weeks up before the election aren’t able to do it,” Amanda Harrington said. She is the director of communications in Protect Our Care, which is a pro-ObamaCare advocacy group which is involved heavily in the midterms. “The deficit they have created themselves on the issue of health care is far too steep for them to climb.”

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