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Fox Pundit Says GOP is Sorely Lacking in a Vital Area

The odds favor the Republicans keeping its Senate majority after this November. But what happens if Republicans beat the strong odds against them and continue to control the House?.

Can anybody unite the bitter, dysfunctional Republican House conference, which is still the heart of the dysfunction of the federal government and has the lowest approval rating of any government branch?  That’s the question addressed by Fox News’ Juan Williams….

The troubles with the current House GOP leadership began when the far-right House Freedom Caucus forced the pragmatic conservative, House Speaker John Boehner to resign in 2015.

Those same extremist members derailed the House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to replace Boehner since they labeled him as being weak and insufficiently extremist in his right-wing ideology.

Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) did not want the job at first but was drafted into being Speaker when his colleagues begged him to do it, arguing that he was the only Republican that they would support.

Since Ryan became the Speaker in 2015, one big thing has changed: the  horrifying takeover of the GOP by the racist demagogue Donald Trump.

To win the favor of the far-right part of the House Republicans, McCarthy developed a very close personal relationship with President Trump. He is one of the few Congress members to talk, visit and golf regularly with the president.

Kevin McCarthy would inherit a Republican majority that ever since the 2010 elections has fully proven itself to be incapable of delivering its campaign promises.

Here is their embarrassing record: They did absolutely nothing to decrease the national debt or even to balance the federal budget. Instead they blew another trillion dollars with their recent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

They have no real plan for immigration reform or for a permanent fix for the young people who grew up in America or even served in the US military — the Dreamers.

The Congressional Republicans did pass the corrupt Trump tax cuts but those have been a big dud with voters who understand that 80 percent of the monetary benefits go to the wealthiest 1% of Americans, who don’t need any help.

A Kevin McCarthy-led House Republican Party would have just one job: to defend Donald Trump from Democratic investigations,and impeachment proceedings, which are long overdue. They have shown that hey are willing to stoop very low to do that.

Ryan spent eight long years rambling about the need for there to be more oversight of former President Obama, however when it was time to for the GOP provide oversight of Donald Trump, he did nothing.

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