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Two Years Later, Billy Bush Has Some Things to Say About the Trump Tapes

Billy Bush is publicly reflecting on the backlash which came two years after the surfacing of the disturbing “Access Hollywood” tape, where then-reality star Donald Trump shockingly brags about groping and kissing women against their will.

Bush went on Instagram on Sunday in order to reflect on the last two years, and what’s happened since the video came out just one month prior to the 2016 presidential election, which went to a man who bragged about sexual assault.

“Two years ago today, my life went from order to chaos in a dramatic instant,” Billy Bush wrote. “I accounted for my small part, while the President and my employer walked away and still haven’t accounted for their actions. These past couple years have been character building to say the least – anxiety attacks, fits of rage, feelings of betrayal and abandonment – and I have concluded that I am NOT extraordinary. Terrible things can happen at any moment to ANYONE.”

The ex-“Today” show co-host said that the positive outcome of the massive scandal was that he built up more “empathy, humility and resilience” while learning to “laugh even in the darkest hour.”

Bush also said that he was thankful to God, his family and all his supporters.

“I have an idea,” Billy Bush wrote. “Let’s stop tolerating this escalating war on flaws and the obliteration of people for things we all do. … We are humans and thus fallible. Let’s take better care of each other.”

Billy Bush shared a photo of himself wearing man spanx while on the “Today” set October 7, 2016 right before “chaos struck.”

Bush wrote that his ex-co-host Hoda Kotb along with the show’s producers put him in the weird outfit.

“I remember all of us hysterically laughing,” Billy Bush wrote. “I still wear them. Shhh.”

Bush got fired from that morning talk show not long after the “Access Hollywood” video was first reported on by Washington Post.

That leaked 2005 video shows Bush chatting with Trump, then a New York business legend and the host of the reality TV show “The Apprentice.”

The horrifying and infamous tape reveals Donald Trump bragging about aggressively kissing and groping women without consent, including saying that he liked to “grab them by the p—y.”

He later apologized for his disgusting comments, but downplayed his misogynist language as being “locker room talk” between himself and Bush, the show host at the time. Donald Trump didn’t learn his lesson from any of this, and continues to insult and lie about women who share their truths of being sexually assaulted, including the 18 women who have revealed that Donald Trump assaulted them.

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