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New Trump-Russia Clues: Hope Hicks Has a New Job

Half a year after she randomly resigned as President Trump’s White House Communications Director during a storm of controversy and scandal, Hope Hicks has gotten a new gig. Predictably, it’s a new communications job with Rupert Murdoch’s infamous Fox News brainwashing empire. But what could be more telling is the timing of this new gig in relation to the explosive Trump-Russia scandal.

In early 2018, Mark Corallo, the former Donald Trump legal team spokesman, testified to Special Counsel Mueller that he had overheard Hope Hicks vowing to destroy evidence involving the Trump-Russia scandal. If this is true and provable, that is felony obstruction of justice by Hicks, and she would be looking at prison time. Shortly after this was revealed, the Trump-controlled corrupt House Intelligence Committee brought in Hicks to testify. It very much seemed that Trump was using his puppets to poke around and figure out if Hope Hicks was flipping on him. That was the last big thing we heard about this for a while.

The thing is, it’s difficult to land a high profile job when you are in danger of being sent to prison. We’ve seen this before. In October 2017, Reince Priebus, the White House Chief of Staff (who had quit months earlier) was  “champing at the bit” to testify to Mueller. Almost immediately after he testified, Priebus took a job as the president of a major law firm. This meant that Reince Priebus came out of the testimony confident he wasn’t about to be criminally charged. Later on, we learned that Reince Priebus had given all his personal notes to Robert Mueller. In hindsight, that kind of cooperation was likely what left Priebus feeling so confident that he was going to remain a free man. How does this involve Hope Hicks?

After her resignation from the incompetent Trump White House, Hope Hicks had to wait six months before getting this new high profile job. Why now? Did something recently happen between her and Mueller? In any case, Hicks now seems pretty certain she’s not headed to prison. And whenever an eyewitness has told the prosecutors that you are responsible for a serious felony, only two things ca be done to make sure you’re not sent to prison: either you completely proved to prosecutors that you aren’t guilty, or you flipped.

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