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Overrule: Senate Dems Forcing Trump Administration Down

Democrats will force a vote in the US  Senate this week on getting rid of a Trump administration rule expanding the non-ObamaCare insurance plans.

This Democratic resolution, likely to get a vote Wednesday, would repeal a rule finalized in August which expanded the availability of the short-term health insurance plans which amount to inferior coverage.

Democrats call the plans “junk” insurance since they don’t need to cover any pre-existing conditions or follow many other ObamaCare rules. Republicans lie that the plans just provide a cheaper option next to ObamaCare plans, when in reality junk plans put people at risk and make quality coverage more expensive.

The resolution, supported by all 49 of the Senate Democrats, probably won’t pass because it would need 51 votes. However, GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who broke with Republicans on health care last year, haven’t publicly said how they’ll vote.

Even a vote that fails, however, would allow the Democrats to hammer the dishonest Republicans on the topic of pre-existing conditions, which Democrats have made central to their platform ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Democrats say that the short-term junk health insurance plans are allowed to deny people with pre-existing conditions.

The rule, finalized by the incompetent Trump administration in August, lifts the restrictions that limited all short-term junk plans to a duration of just three months. Under new rules, short-term plans may last up to one year, which many critics say makes the plans not “short-term” at all.

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), up for reelection in November, is the main sponsor for the resolution.

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