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Mueller’s Big Move to Go After Manafort’s Assets

Mueller moves for forfeiture order to seize Manafort assets

On Friday, attorneys for the special counsel Robert Mueller moved to get an order to seize the assets that ex-Trump campaign chairman and convicted felon Paul Manafort purchased with the funds he hid from American authorities in his foreign bank accounts.

Robert Mueller’s lawyers submitted a court document for Manafort’s plea agreement requesting that Judge Amy Berman Jackson grant their request to seize 5 properties in New York that are owned by Manafort along with a life insurance policy and 3 bank accounts.

The forfeiture of assets identified as being part of Manafort’s plot to hide millions of dollars that he made lobbying on behalf of pro-Russia parties working in Ukraine was agreed on in a plea deal Manafort signed with Robert Mueller’s team last month.

Paul Manafort signed the deal and also agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s team to get out of a second trial that was going to be held in Washington, D.C., following a jury finding him guilty for eight counts during a separate trial held in northern Virginia back in August.

“[T]he defendant admitted to the forfeiture allegations in the Information and agreed that the following property constitutes or is derived from proceeds traceable to the offense alleged in Count One,” states the court document.

The filing by Robert Mueller’s attorneys says that any person who claims a legal interest other than Paul Manafort in those properties or seized assets have thirty days to petition the court in order to assert their legal claim to the assets after the order gets approved.

“Any person, other than the defendant, asserting a legal interest in the Forfeited Assets may, within thirty days of the final publication of notice or receipt of notice, whichever is earlier, petition the Court for a hearing without a jury to adjudicate the validity of their alleged interest in the property,” states the document.

Manafort, who worked closely with Donald Trump, has denied accusations of conspiracy with Russia in the 2016 election, and he has not faced any charges directly related to Russia’s election rigging.

Manafort is just the latest of many former Trump associates ensnared in serious criminal charges in the successful investigation, and is going to be sentenced in December.

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