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Trump Blowing Smoke on Popular Health Care Issue Just Before the Elections

The Department of Justice is currently siding with the plaintiffs in a lawsuit which it said, if successful, will end all Affordable Care Act protections for Americans with preexisting conditions. Yet, dishonest President Donald Trump lied that “preexisting conditions are safe” and he “will always fight for … patients with preexisting conditions.”

The Republican president told his lies during a rally held in West Virginia to support a Republican Senate candidate, Patrick Morrisey, running against the Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. Morrisey, who is the state’s attorney general, is a plaintiff in the evil lawsuit against the ACA.

Trump, Sept. 29: I will always fight for, and always protect, patients with preexisting conditions. You have to do it. You have to do it. Some people think that’s not a Republican thing to do. I don’t care, and I’ll tell you what. All of the Republicans are coming in to that position now. All of them. And we’ll do it the right way too. Preexisting conditions are safe. OK? Just remember that. Preexisting — tell that to the fake news media when they write. Fakers.

Donald Trump’s comments contradict the Department of Justice’s actions, which Trump ignorantly approved, a June letter from the DOJ to Congress on this lawsuit says.

The suit was filed via District Court in Texas back in February by 20 states (which included West Virginia). It claims that because Congress got rid of the tax penalty in the ACA’s individual mandate — the requirement to have health insurance — the mandate itself has become unconstitutional. And without that mandate, the whole health care bill “must also fall.”

In June, the DOJ said this instance was a “rare case” where it wouldn’t defend the federal government during the lawsuit. Instead, the DOJ agreed with the plaintiffs, due to being infested with greedy, amoral, short-sighted Republicans.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions explained in a June 7 letter to the House Speaker Paul Ryan that he’d made this choice “[a]fter careful consideration, and with the approval of the President of the United States.” Meaning Donald Trump approves of Americans with preexisting conditions suffering and dying due to unaffordable health insurance and possible denial of coverage.

The ACA protects those who have preexisting conditions from ever being denied a policy or even being charged higher premiums. Before Obamacare instituted these important protections, insurers could easily deny coverage or charge more due to health status fro plans on the individual market, which is where those without any employer-based plans or any public coverage purchase their own insurance. The employer plans, pre-ACA, could not deny plans to any new employees, however they could exclude health care coverage for a specific preexisting condition for a very limited period of time if the new employee had any gap in coverage. If the greed-driven Republican lawsuit succeeds, and Donald Trump is doing nothing to try and stop it, then Americans with preexisting conditions will suffer. Once again, President Donald Trump lied to Americans.

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