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Even a Retired Supreme Court Justice Had Something to Say About Kavanaugh

When Judge Brett Kavanaugh maniacally testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he seriously damaged his reputation. Following testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, who Kavanaugh attempted to rape in the 1980s, the Republican jurist showed himself to be an enraged and conspiratorial partisan, as if being a rapist wasn’t bad enough.

Kavanaugh’s demeanor and combativeness was the opposite of the wise and calm qualities needed for the nation’s highest court – and a former members of the Supreme Court came to the very same conclusion.

Palm Beach Post’s Lulu Ramadan was reporting yesterday from a local event with John Paul Stevens, a retired Supreme Court Justice.

Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, a lifelong Republican, told a small crowd in Boca Raton that Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s performance at confirmation hearings should disqualify him. “The Senators should pay attention to this.”

Stevens said he once thought Kavanaugh “had the qualifications” to be a Supreme Court justice and even lauded Kavanaugh in one of his books for a ruling on political contributions. “His performance in the hearings changed my mind.”

Stevens was put on the Supreme Court by Gerald Ford. a Republican president, back in 1975. During his lengthy career, however, Stevens turned into one of the Supreme Court’s most progressive members, and became a reliable “liberal” vote.

John Stevens, now 98, retired in 2010, though he still speaks out on today’s major legal issues. Earlier in the year, for example, he wrote an op-ed that called for the Second Amendment to be repealed.

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