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Mueller Team Meets With Manafort for Some ‘Go Time’

Former Trump campaign chairman and convicted felon Paul Manafort met with the office of the special counsel Robert Mueller in a routine part of his full cooperation in the Trump-Russia probe, a report from Politico says.

The news outlet saw two of Manafort’s lawyers, Richard Westling and Tom Zehnle, standing outside Robert Mueller’s office talking with one of Robert Mueller’s lead prosecutors, Andrew Weissmann.

They all left to go get lunch and then returned with their food to talk in the secure building which headquarters Mueller’s team.

Spokesmen for both Paul Manafort and Robert Mueller declined to comment.

Manafort pled guilty to two big federal charges earlier in September, agreeing to cooperate with Robert Mueller in his historic investigation into the collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump 2016 campaign.

The charges against Manafort included money laundering along with illegal lobbying on behalf of a Ukrainian group that is friendly with Russia.

Many have said that Manafort’s testimony will be damaging for President Donald Trump.

Sentencing for Paul Manafort will take place some time after the midterms.

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