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These Polls Show the Huge Polarization of Americans After Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Americans are strongly divided along partisan lines in their response to the controversial Supreme Court confirmation of alleged repeat sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh, a poll that was released on Monday found.

The new CBS News poll showed that about one fourth of Americans will be angry regardless of what the outcome of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process ends up being. Twenty-five percent said that they’d be angry if Kavanaugh were confirmed, while 23% said they would be angry if the alleged sexual assaulter were not confirmed.

Among the Democrats, 47% said they would be angry if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, and 60% said they would be satisfied if he got rejected.

For the Republicans, 46% said they would feel angry if Kavanaugh, who allegedly sexually assaulted several women, were not confirmed to be on the Supreme Court. 42% of GOP respondents said they would be “enthusiastic” if a possible sex criminal were confirmed by the Senate, and 46% said they would be satisfied.

About three-quarters of Republicans said that the Senate ought to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, compared to only 10% of Democrats.

Independents are very split on Kavanaugh’s nomination, the poll show, with 37% in favor and 32% opposed.

The CBS poll was done Sept. 28-30, and it surveyed 2,485 people. The error margin is 2.5 %.

The poll was done after an intense hearing which featured Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who said she was pinned by Kavanaugh to a bed while he groped her during a 1982 high school party.

Following her heart-wrenching testimony recounting the attack, Kavanaugh maniacally denied the accusation, ranting and raving and calling it part of an imaginary “orchestrated political hit” against his disastrous nomination.

Two other women have said they had been attacked by Brett Kavanaugh.

After an FBI investigation into the accusations against Kavanaugh, the Senate voted to confirm him. We can be sure the nation is continuing to be more polarized.

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