Trump Kills Obama Regulation, Plays in Favor of Greedy Corporations. -
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Trump Kills Obama Regulation, Plays in Favor of Greedy Corporations.

The Trump administration moved to weaken provisions of a crucial safety rule for both oil and natural gas production for wells drilled offshore, lying that some of the Obama-era regulations were unnecessarily burdensome on greedy energy companies.

The greed-driven rollbacks against the U.S. Interior Department’s Bureau for Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) all focus on the safety requirements for the time when an offshore platform is actually producing oil and natural gas, rather than the drilling process.

It is part of the corrupt Trump administration’s “energy dominance” agenda, via which President Trump wants to boost domestic production of global-warming-causing fossil fuels and other similar forms of energy, mainly by limiting regulatory burdens so pollution can increase.

The rollbacks are going to save the industry $13 million every year, BSEE said. During this Republican administration, corporate profits have been valued over worker safety and the environment.

This action changes a 2016 rule that wasn’t the central regulation that was written following the massive BP spill in 2010. BSEE has proposed separately to weaken aspects of that rule, called the Well Control Rule. They’re showing that they don’t care what happens to people, as long as corporations are making big profits and donating to Republican candidates.

The Thursday rollback gets rid of the mandate forcing independent third parties to certify safety devices for their effective operation in extreme conditions, allowing the oil company employees to look at devices themselves and to document the process.

The weakened regulation also eases the notification requirements for companies. They will no longer need to notify BSEE about “false alarms” coming from safety equipment sensors and they only have to inform government officials when they begin initial oil/gas production at the site, not every single time they start production.

Of the 484 provisions that are in the 2016 rule, the corrupt Trump administration’s changes affect 84, BSEE said. The Trump administration is fighting hard on behalf of greedy polluting corporations in their war on the environment that all humans share.

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