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Donald Trump Jr. Just Got Roasted by Famed Attorney

On the day where a third, a fourth, and finally a fifth woman all accused the Supreme Court nominee and rapist Brett Kavanaugh of varying forms of sexual assault, some people on Team Trump had been unable to handle it. Donald Trump had a very jarring and rambling eighty minute meltdown in front of the cameras. Various Trump sycophants went berserk on cable news. And somewhere in there, Donald Trump Jr actually thought he had something meaningful to say.

It all started when Lindsey Graham began attacking Julie Swetnick for her allegations that Brett Kavanaugh participated in several gang rape parties. This caused Donald Trump Jr to cite Senator Graham while making his own disgusting and misogynistic attacks against Swetnick. Donald Trump Jr took things further by iditoically suggesting that the accusations weren’t credible just because Swetnick is represented by the “porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti. Of course, this was a mistake, since it prompted Michael Avenatti to weigh in.

Avenatti fired this sick burn at Donald Trump Jr: “You haven’t been paying attention. Your dad is the man who had unprotected sex with my ‘porn star’ client when your brother was 4 mos. old and your step mom was at home. How many other ‘porn stars’ has he slept with? You should leave this to the adults and go back to playing.”

At the same time the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh the rapist just kept coming. He was last accused of drunkenly sexually assaulting a woman outside a bar back in 1998. Then hit came out that he sexually assaulted a woman while they were on a boat near Rhode Island. Both of these assaults went under investigation by the United States Senate.

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