Organizer of Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Just Ratted Out Donald Trump Jr. -
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Organizer of Infamous Trump Tower Meeting Just Ratted Out Donald Trump Jr.

In the long-running story of the collusion and conspiracy where the Trump campaign worked with the Russian government, there’s been very little to make sure Americans are informed about where the investigators are in their process of uncovering the facts. Generally, even people who deliver news to you about what we learn can only do so on a very limited basis, because Mueller’s Special Counsel is legendarily tight-lipped regarding the facts of the historic case.

We do get a witness or perhaps an indicted co-conspirator every now and then, or even someone desperate to escape from under the dark cloud of the election rigging investigation who simply comes right out and then lays some facts out for the public to see.

That’s what happened with Rob Goldstone, a music publicist and a longtime Trump family friend, who put together the now-infamous secret Trump Tower meeting for the sake of Russian billionaire oligarch Aras Agalarov along with his son Emin, who Goldstone says were introduced as “the Trumps of Russia.”

Rob Goldstone sat for an interview with Cynthia McFadden of NBC, and what he laid out was clearly very self-serving — he doesn’t want trouble for himself, of course — but also extremely damning for Donald Trump Jr. and the incompetent administration’s lie that no “collusion” ever took place.

“So you would agree,” said McFadden, “with the intelligence officials both past and present who say that this was most likely a Russian probe to the Trump campaign.” Goldstone answered:

What I had written in my email [to Don Jr.] wasn’t what was being investigated or questioned. It was the willingness to receive that information that was important.”

McFadden then clarified, “But that was a dirty offer.”

Goldstone replied, “Yes, that is true.”

All these answers come following news of a nine-hour-long questioning session by Robert Mueller’s prosecutorial team where Goldstone was ultimately forced to admit not just his participation with the arrangement of the treasonous meeting, but that the soon-to-be U.S. President’s son was extremely eager to accept assistance from the malevolent Russian government so his father could win the election.

By the way, that is collusion.

Watch a part of the explosive interview here:

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