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Tucker Carlson Went Off the Rails With His Absurd and Hateful Comment

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked if people who are survivors of sexual assault have an obligation to report the assault, asking whether the survivors are “part of the problem” in the cases where they don’t. It was a classic display of Tucker’s stupidity and insensitivity and his infinite skill for blaming the victim.

“If there’s a rapist on the loose, if you don’t tell anybody, if Bernie Madoff rips you off and you don’t tell his other investors, you’re part of the problem, are you not?” Tucker Carlson asked Ethan Bearman a radio host. Of course, many rapists threaten to hurt or kill their victims if they tell anyone what happened, and might even threaten to kill their families. Tucker Carlson is an idiot.

Carlson raised the mind-blowingly stupid question in a segment talking about the allegations made against the Supreme Court nominee and rapist Brett Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey Ford, who is a professor in California, was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh at a high school party back in 1982.

“If [Kavanaugh] is actually a sex criminal we have a right to know that and [Ford] has an obligation to tell us. And I know it’s hard but why don’t we have the right to know?” Tucker Carlson said, ignoring the fact that she’s telling us now.

“Doesn’t she have an obligation to tell someone to stop him from doing that if he is, in fact, a sex criminal?” Carlson asked. “Where is her obligation here? What about the rest of us?” the extremely ignorant TV host also added.

The mindless remark comes as Brett Kavanaugh and Ford were about to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The comments echo what Carlson said just last week when discussing the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

“If you believe a crime has been committed against you, you report it,” Tucker said.

“That would include theft, embezzlement and, yes, sexual assault. Go to the police. It’s not always easy, obviously,” Carlson said, pointing out the real flaw in his argument, that reporting rape and getting justice often is extremely difficult. “But it’s still your obligation as a citizen — not at least to protect the rest of us from whomever you believe did it. The police investigate, and a judge or jury renders a verdict. That’s due process — it’s the cornerstone of our system.”

Since Christine Ford’s accusation,  another woman, Deborah Ramirez, revealed that Kavanaugh exposed himself and thrust his genitals right in front of her face during a college party in a sick joke witnessed by many others. Kavanaugh denies both of these women’s truths.

Kavanaugh was sworn in on Saturday morning to the Supreme Court.

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