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Kavanaugh Lie Discovered by TV Host

There are a plenty of stories of the Supreme Court nominee and rapist Brett Kavanaugh being a heavy drinker, a falling-down drunk who often blacked out, threw up in a taxi and much more. But when Brett Kavanaugh passed that off as something that was legal and not a big deal, he was lying.

Lawrence O’Donnell, an MSNBC host said that the Maryland laws had changed before Brett Kavanaugh even turned 18 and the drinking age had been increased to 21. So, Kavanaugh brazenly lied about legally drinking. He was drinking illegally.

In 1984 Congress passed the important National Minimum Drinking Age Act, and that raised the age to 21. Kavanaugh was only 20 at that time. But the Maryland passed a law which raised it in 1982 before Brett Kavanaugh turned 18. As if the multiple sex abuse incidents weren’t enough, this is just one more reason to not trust Brett Kavanaugh. He does not belong on the Supreme Court.

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