Trump and GOP Leaders Will Be in Panic After Hearing What MSNBC Reporter Just Discovered -
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Trump and GOP Leaders Will Be in Panic After Hearing What MSNBC Reporter Just Discovered

MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff went to Eagle Pass, Texas, which is a small town near the U.S./Mexico border, to research voter sentiment. He found out that while voters there care plenty about issues such as the Supreme Court and the Trump-Russia investigation, their biggest concern was money issues. And in terrible news for the Republicans, they have soured on Donald Trump’s tax cuts and they don’t believe that the economy is working for them.

“The president continues to trumpet how well the economy is doing but when you go to places like this, people don’t have jobs, people are looking for jobs, people are leaving,” said Soboroff. “It’s an older generation of folks there and their kids are leaving town because they’re not able to get work. So for the president to say the economy is even doing great goes over these folks’ heads.”

“There’s this perception that while the economy is good, the benefits have been really tilted towards the top 1%,” MSNBC contributor Sam Stein explained. “The tax cut package especially was supposed to be this great legislative savior for the Republican party heading into the midterms, and what we’ve witnessed now is from an advertising standpoint Republicans don’t mention it.”

Using polling as evidence, Stein pointed out, “it’s fairly clear the public has concluded that the package was done to benefit the wealthy and I think that is a political killer for this president heading into the midterms.” In spite of Donald Trump’s boasts about his supposedly excellent economic stewardship “people are perceiving it as something that’s benefited Wall Street as opposed to Main Street,” said Stein.

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